Panels with solar cells and wind generators on a green field with blue sky

The problem we face, as a planet, is that we are causing the earth’s temperature to rise. While there are still those who deny that we are doing it, the overwhelming body of evidence and scientific opinion makes it clear that we are indeed the cause of the recent (in geographic terms) acceleration in the rise of the temperatures.

Greta Thunberg, a 15 year old from Sweden, spoke to the United Nations plenary about this crisis recently and also recorded a TEDx session about it:

As she says, we need to cut emissions dramatically. That is not going to be that comfortable for some, but the alternative is that we condemn our children, Ms Thunberg’s generation, to living in a planet with runaway global warming.

She is correct that politicians have taken no notice in the past, and they are still ignoring all the advice from scientists. The solutions are well known, the problem is politicians are easily persuaded not to implement them. Time is rapidly running out and we can no longer allow politicians and world leaders to ignore the solutions. Some of the actions we should be taking may well impact those making money from fossil fuels. They may well make life a little less convenient, for example requiring some extra time to charge an EV rather than fill a gas tank. These should not stop us making the dramatic changes we need to if we are to ensure our children are not left with rapidly rising temperatures and no way to reverse it.

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