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One of the things I’ve been looking into is adding some video content here in addition to the articles. Partly to make it a little different, and partly because it is a camera I already have, I am thinking about shooting these video segments using a 360º degree camera (a Giroptic 360cam for those interested in such things).

I have been ironing out some technical issues with the process. Getting the video was easy; the camera came with a suction mount and automatically handles being inverted (it even flips its LED information display when it is inverted). The Giroptic cameras also stitch the video internally, so what is downloaded from the SD card is ready to be uploaded directly to YouTube. All sounds simple? It would be, if it wasn’t for one wrinkle: the audio quality from the camera’s internal microphones is terrible. It has three microphones to record 360º sound, but when attached under the rear view mirror in my car, my voice is very quiet.

Bluetooth Audio

Unfortunately, the camera does not have an external mic input, so where I am now is recording the audio using the car’s built in microphone, connected by Bluetooth to my phone which is running a Voice Memo app.

Here’s the test video I shot a week ago in that configuration. It took a little while to get it uploaded as I needed to find a video editor that could handle the 2:1 aspect ratio of the 360º video format and replace the audio track. This one is using a trial version of Filmora by Wondershare. While it worked, it was not the simplest process to align the externally recorded audio track with the video).

The Video

Without any further ado, here is the test video I shot (describing the unplugging incident that happened to me last week):

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