India Reaches 20GW Solar Capacity

The Times of India is reporting that India hit 20GW of total solar capacity last year, and that solar was also the top source of new power in 2017 (with 9.6GW being added). Over 18GW of that capacity comes from utility scale installations, the remainder from rooftop solar.

That goal was originally set to be reached in 2022, but that target was adjusted to be 100GW in 2014. Nonetheless, it is an impressive achievement to hit the original target four years ahead of schedule, and a clear sign of how much importance the Indian government places on solar energy.

Similar to recent tariffs imposed by the Trump administration in the US, the Indian government is imposing protectionist tariffs on imported solar modules in India, ironically clashing with their own incentives to increase solar power and meet the 100GW goal by 2022. As a result of the price increases and uncertainties caused by those policies, 2018 is expected to show slower growth in solar.

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